Since Pierre Dørge and his New Jungle Orchestra made an impressive “home coming “ CD (Jazz Is Like A Banana SCCD 31636) last November, the orchestra has been touring extensively and energetically through different continents. The experience gave Pierre’s imaginative pen to put together “…… another typical potpourri of the unexpected from a soloist, arranger, composer and band conductor beyond category. His musicians are loyal to his cause because they love his music…”

1. A Night In Hong Kong (Pierre Dørge)
2. From The Same Tribe (Pierre Dørge)
3. Whispering Elephants (Pierre Dørge)
4. Oda Eugenia (Pierre Dørge)
5. Moonlight In The Woods (Pierre Dørge)
6. Malamin Jobarteh (Pierre Dørge)
7. Wedding Music (Pierre Dørge)
8. To Mr. Dolphy (Pierre Dørge)
9. Malam Lagu (Irene Becker)
10. Sunday In Zurich (Pierre Dørge)

UPC/EAN: 716043165223