Guitarist/composer/bandleader Pierre Dørge introduced his New Jungle Orchestra for the first time in Music Café in Copenhagen on September 24, 1980. Since then Dørge has been in the pursuit of “sometimes outlandish adventures” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD – sixth edition) for his vibrant, creative almost big band. To celebrate the 30 th anniversary of successful, truly global musical group Pierre Dørge presents NJO with each member with a new piece to perform.

So after 30 years, 21 albums, scores of scores (actually upward of 800), hundreds of concerts, countries galore, tens of thousands of miles, Pierre Dørge and New Jungle Orchestra are still going strong; even stronger than ever. A generation of music-making continues to expand for the pleasure of a truly global audience .” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes)

1. Balada Para El Trompetista (Pierre Dørge)
2. Für Kontrabas (Pierre Dørge)
3. Peer Gynt’s Last Dream (Pierre Dørge)
4. Igor Abedungola (Pierre Dørge)
5. Sankt Jakob (Pierre Dørge)
6. Ratatata Lang Ra (Pierre Dørge)
7. Blessing Bones (Pierre Dørge)
8. Little Claus And Big Claus (Pierre Dørge)
9. In A Mystery Mist (Pierre Dørge)
10. Waltz Für Basklarinette (Pierre Dørge)
11. Xongly (Pierre Dørge)
12. Mirjam’s dadadance (Pierre Dørge)

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