SCCD 31236 Solo Piano / Paul Bley

“.. La musique de Paul Bley, c’est une lettera amorosa .” – DIAPASON D’OR (D.R. Diapason

“… Fünf Sterne, alle Sterne !” (Günter Buhles, Jazz Podium)

1. If I loved you (Richard Rodgers)
2. So hard it hurts (Annette Peacock)
3. If I should lose you (Robin/Rainger)
4. Gladys (Paul Bley)
5. Someone to watch over me (George Gershwin)
6. Ostinato II (Paul Bley)
7. Tin tin deo (Dizzy Gillespie)
8. Mariona (Paul Bley)
9. The C2003Lady of Chet (Paul Bley)
10. Peace pipe (Paul Bley)
11. Blues reconstruction (Paul Bley)
12. Slipping (Paul Bley)
13. Gee baby ain't I good to you (Don Redman)
14. And now the queen (Carla Bley)
15. You go to my head (Coots/Gillespie)
16. Carla (Paul Bley)
17. Clopin-clopan (Coquatrix/Dudan)
18. Finale (Paul Bley)

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