As the title of this SteepleChase debut album” Little Green Men” suggests,

vibraphonist Michael Pinto presents us a unique jazz universe hugely inspired by his love of science fiction movie themes. A graduate of Berklee College of Music

Michael Pinto, now 29 is a “ vital newcomer ” (allaboutjazz) on New York scene.

“… Many jazz listeners may not be familiar with the works of Brad Fiedel, Bear McCreary and Wendy Carlos, but their compositions, outside the galactic space they were written for, stand up well beyond their usual comfort zone, and Michael has skilfully adapted these themes to a jazz setting, showing they can serve as a good basis for improvisation

1. Firefly Theme (Sonny Rhodes/Greg Edmonson)
2. Terminatior Movie Theme (Brad Fiedel)
3. Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Sarah Connor's Theme (Bear McCreary)
4. What's New (Bob Haggart)
5. Love Theme From Superman (John Williams)
6. Solo Tk2 (Michael Pinto )
7. How Insensitive (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
8. Tunnel Chase (Brad Fiedel)
9. Tron Scherzo (Wendy Carlos)
10. Tron Anthem (Wendy Carlos)

UPC/EAN: 716043170326