SCCD 31768 Martin Jacobsen Quartet “Live In Tokyo – The NHK fureai hall concert”

Danish-born tenor saxophonist Martin Jacobsen resides in Paris, France and performs all over the world. Martin frequently gives concerts in many of the Asian countries including Japan, Korea and China. This release is a live recording of a very successful concert performed at Japan’s national public radio/TV network NHK’s “fureai” (contact) hall in 2011 only a few days after that devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit the north-east coast of Japan. The Martin Jacobsen Quartet which consists of Danish tenor, Japanese piano, German bass and English drummer revisited Japan later the same year to give support to the Japanese jazz fans.

“… Jacobsen seems well aware of what makes jazz a vital music. It’s the constant sense of growth and discovery, taking the old and making it new. While this is a fine debut, there’s little doubt that future endeavors will prove even more impressive as the both Jacobsen and the band continue to mature .”

(Derek Taylor- All About Jazz “Current State” SCCD 31548)

1. How Little We Know (Phillip Springer)
2. Are We Alone? (Hiroshi Murayama)
3. Nightfall (Martin Jacobsen)
4. Freemason (Hiroshi Murayama)
5. HeadWay (Martin Jacobsen)
6. The End Of A Love Affair (Edward C. Redding)
7. John Paul Jones (John Coltrane)
8. C Jam Blues (Duke Ellington)

UPC/EAN: 716043176823