SCCD 31347 Mohawk / Larry Schneider Quartet

Larry Schneider on this latest recording plays alto sax instead of tenor sax which is his instrument. And when a jazz saxophone player picks up alto, there is one thing in his mind: CHARLIE PARKER.

“Larry Schneider Plays Charlie Parker” is what this CD is all about. A formidable task superbly executed.

1. Mohawk (Charlie Parker)
2. Moose the mooche (Charlie Parker)
3. She rote (Charlie Parker)
4. Yardbird suite (Charlie Parker)
5. Donna Lee (Charlie Parker)
6. Anthropology (CharlieParker/Dizzy Gillespie)
7. Scapple from the apple (Charlie Parker)
8. Steeplechase (Charlie Parker)
9. Confirmation (Charlie Parker)

UPC/EAN: 716043134724