SCCD 31196 Dark Warrior / Khan Jamal Quartet

Vibist Khan Jamal (b. 1946 in Florida) was a frequent visitor to Copenhagen in the 80s. Here’s one of his best recordings on SteepleChase in that period.

USA’s “Be-Bop And Beyond” wrote, “ The music of Khan Jamal …manages to be both explorative and melodic. …He has an original style. Dark Warriors is one of many SteepleChase albums worth searching for .”

1. Johnny's in Malmø (Khan Jamal)
2. Just us (Khan Jamal)
3. Principal (Khan Jamal)
4. Whisper sweet (Khan Jamal)
5. Dark warrior (Khan Jamal)
6. Hucksterman (Khan Jamal)
7. Space traveller (Charles Tyler)
8. Hucksterman (Khan Jamal)

UPC/EAN: 716043119622