SCCD 31109 Song For Biko / Johnny Dyani Quartet

Dyani wrote all of the material for this record and it proves to be a vital factor in the success of the date. Both Cherry and Pukwana react favourably, while bringing their own personalities strongly to bear…

this fine record can be recommended without reservation .” (Barry McRae, Jazz Journal International July 1979)

“… there are possibly a handful of albums every year which are worth living with. This is one of them .” (Brian Case, Melody Maker June 1979)

1. Wish you sunshine (Johnny Dyani)
2. Song for Biko (Johnny Dyani)
3. Confession of moods (Johnny Dyani)
4. Jo'burg – New York (Johnny Dyani)
5. Lonely flower in the village (Johnny Dyani)

UPC/EAN: 716043110926