SCCD 31075 Real Tchicai / John Tchicai Trio

John Tchicai (b. April 28, 1936 in Copenhagen, Denmark) lived in USA from 1962 to 1966 co-leading New York Contemporary Five with Don Cherry and Archie Shepp and recorded with Coltrane.

“… Real Tchicai is a marvel of form and nuance which sacrifices no spontaneity or emotion …” (Down Beat)

1. Graceful visitor (John Tchicai)
2. Silent Danish girl (John Tchicai)
3. Moksha point (John Tchicai)
4. Monk’s mood (Thelonious Monk)
5. Bambla jolifanti (Pierre Dørge)
6. One way ticket (John Tchicai)
7. Mirjam’s dadadance (Pierre Dørge)
8. Blue barrier (John Tchicai)
9. Nothing doing in Krakow (John Tchicai)
10. On Tuesday (John Tchicai)
11. Oles Anders (John Tchicai)
12. Sailing to the good land (John Tchicai)

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