SCCD 31116 Parade / Joe Bonner Trio

“… As well as being strongly inventive as a soloist, …Bonner also demonstrates his compositional talents…I am recommending it to all lovers of modern piano .” (Mike Shera, International Jazz Journal)

“…it is one in which solid achievement runs in close harness with promise for the future .” (Michael James, Melody Maker)

1. Change it (Joe Bonner)
2. Au privave (Charlie Parker)
3. Sunny (J. Hebb)
4. Hurry up and wait (Joe Bonner)
5. Parade (Joe Bonner)
6. Blues for B (Joe Bonner)
7. Wild is the wind (Ned Washington)
8. Hurry up and wait (Joe Bonner)
9. Au privave (Charlie Parker)

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