SCCD 31061 Cunningbird / Jimmy Knepper Quintet

When this album was first released as LP in February 1977, the unanimous reaction from the press all over the world was “ .. .at long last, the first leader album by Knepper in 18 years! ….and it was worth waiting for …”.

Trombonist Jimmy Knepper (b. Nov. 22, 1927 in L.A.) has been the essential part of the Mingus Dynasty in the 50s and later with Gil Evans Orchestra, Jones-Lewis Big Band and Nonet led by Lee Konitz.

Cunningbird is simply one of the best straight-ahead trombone albums in many years …” (The Daily California)

1. Figment fragment (Jimmy Knepper)
2. Languid (Jimmy Knepper)
3. Just tonight (Jimmy Knepper)
4. Noche triste (take 1) (Jimmy Knepper)
5. Spotlight girl (take 2) (Jimmy Knepper)
6. Cunningbird (Jimmy Knepper)
7. Noche triste (Jimmy Knepper)
8. Spotlite girl (Jimmy Knepper)

UPC/EAN: 716043106127