“…The late Whitney Balliett dubbed jazz as "the sound of surprise". Well, Jack Walrath surprises us here on every selection. He deals in the unexpected and delivers it to us with a flowing flourish – and no concessions

Jack Walrath not only displays tremendous trumpet playing, a rich and varied approach to composition and wonderful band, he also puts something into this fantastic CD that's missing from too much new jazz: a sense of fun and humor. That's not to say that it isn't sensitive and touching at times—"An Hour Blessed" is arguably as gorgeous as anything ever recorded…” (Francis Lo Kee – allaboutjazz-New York)

1. Bassballs (Jack Walrath)
2. Dark Star (Jack Walrath)
3. It Must Be A Holiday, So Why Do I Have The Blues (Jack Walrath)
4. Cloak And Dagger (Jack Walrath)
5. Anthropoid Epiphany (Jack Walrath)
6. A Long, Slow, Agonizing Descent Into The Depths Of Dispair (Jack Walrath, T. C. III)
7. Road Kill (Jack Walrath)
8. Drifting (Jack Walrath)
9. Blood (Jack Walrath)

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