SCCD 31411 Tidal Breeze / Harold Danko Quartet

The Harold Danko Quartet, during its five year existence, has been carving out its own special niche in the landscape of jazz. Following the highly successful “The Feeling Of Jazz” (SCCD 31392), this their fifth CD explores Danko’s older compositions written before the inception of the group.

1. Tidal breeze (Harold Danko)
2. Blue Swedish wildflower (Harold Danko)
3. Wayne Shorter (Harold Danko)
4. McCoy's passion (Harold Danko)
5. Swift shifting (Harold Danko)
6. Personal cornucopia (Harold Danko)
7. Soaring thru space (Harold Danko)
8. Pastoral landing (Harold Danko)

UPC/EAN: 716043141128