SCCD 31867 Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke “Play Date”

Professor Emeritus of Jazz Studies (Eastman College of Music, Univ. of Rochester) Harold Danko pays homage to Be Bop’s song-smith Duke Jordan here in an inaugural meeting with New York’s rising star cornetist Kirk Knuffke. Duke Jordan’s distinctive melodies receive Danko/Knuffke duo’s refined and creative reading and mingle naturally with their free tunes in between.

“… (Harold Danko’s remarkable authority and heartfelt approach have been nothing short of an inspiration” (C. Andrew Hoven – AAJ)

“This is a fascinating showcase for Kirk Knuffke’s versatility. He can apply his cornet to a dazzling variety of settings ...” (Jerome Wilson – AAJ on “Witness” SCCD 31859)


Recorded February 2018


1 FLIGHT TO DENMARK (Duke Jordan) 4:58
2 OPENEPO (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:27
3 MISTY THURSDAY (Duke Jordan) 8:18
4 MARMOT’S MUSE (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:37
5 STONEWALL BLUES (Duke Jordan) 4:43
6 CHANCE AND CHOICE (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 4:22
7 FLIGHT TO DENMARK (Duke Jordan) 3:54
8 LANOTA (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:41
9 WUT’LESS (Duke Jordan) 4:38
10 KEKO (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:31
11 UNDECIDED LADY (Duke Jordan) 6:35
12 NO SCORE (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 3:48
13 LAYOUT BLUES (Duke Jordan) 6:26
14 THE ALEATORS (Harold Danko & Kirk Knuffke) 2:55
15 FLIGHT TO DENMARK (Duke Jordan) 3:09

Total Playing Time 64:05

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