Harold Danko renders his most personal pianistic insight into the music of Earl Hines precisely 100 years after the great piano man’s birth. “… The CD should make everyone dig out their Hines sides and listen again to the pieces and personality that made such an indelible imprint on the jazz muse.” (Mark Gardner)

Of the Harold Danko Trio’s 2004 release Trilix SCCD 31551, Steve Futtermn of JazzTimes wrote, “… Danko’s a mature player who knows the power of economy, melodic sense and a refined touch; wasting not a note, his improvisations always tell a compelling story.”

1. Deep Forest (Earl Hines)
2. You Can Depend On Me (Earl Hines)
3. Rosetta (Earl Hines)
4. Ann, Wonderful One (Earl Hines)
5. Congaine (Earl Hines)
6. Stowaway (Earl Hines)
7. Blues In Thirds (Earl Hines)
8. My Monday Date (Earl Hines)
9. In San Francisco (Earl Hines)
10. I'll Never Be Alone (Earl Hines)
11. Cavernism (Earl Hines)
12. Everything Depends On You (Earl Hines)

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