Saxophonist/composer Gregory Tardy’s latest album reunites him with pianist George Colligan whom Tardy has collaborated on a number of remarkable recordings. Since his return to the active performing scene a couple of years ago Gregory Tardy is today a full time member of the elite jazz circle.

He sounds as if he’s physically wresting new possibilities and beauty from an earthbound, rock-encrusted framework. …It’s moments such as these that invoke the combination of faith-infused yearning and hard-won triumph that is at the heart of the best spiritually inspired improvisational music .” (Carlo Wolff of JazzTimes on Strongest Love” SCCD 31698)

1. Dust Groove (Gregory Tardy)
2. Monuments (Gregory Tardy)
3. The Oil Of Gladness (Gregory Tardy)
4. My Romance (Richard Rodgers)
5. Nonpersons (Gregory Tardy)
6. Image Of Jealousy (Gregory Tardy)
7. Dry Seasons (Gregory Tardy)
8. Never Let Me Go (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans)
9. Power Of Weakness (Gregory Tardy)
10. The Plain-clothed King (Gregory Tardy)

UPC/EAN: 716043172528