SCCD 31248 Reflections Of Monk, The Final Frontier / Gary Bartz Quintet

Gary Bartz convinces you his incisive alto would have fit with Monk himself – his ear-catching post-Bird cry, rhythmic snap and blues-sense would have put him in the pocket…he treats the material with the honour it deserves and the spirit it demands .” (Kevin Whitehead, Cadence)

1. Thelonious (Thelonious Monk)
2. Brilliant corners (Thelonious Monk)
3. The pennywhistle call/Reflections (Gary Bartz/Thelonious Monk)
4. Played twice (Thelonious Monk)
5. Crepescule with Nellie (Thelonious Monk)
6. Hackensack (Thelonious Monk)
7. Let's cool one (Thelonious Monk)
8. Monk's mood (Thelonious Monk)
9. Epistophy (Thelonious Monk)

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