Kontrapunkt 32221


a one-hour chamber opera

(Libretto – Sanne Bjerg)

Edith Guilluame mezzo soprano , Hanne Andersen soprano

Jan Lund tenor , Jørgen Ole Børch bass , Jesper Buhl baritone

Svend Aaquist Johansen musical direction

Young Danish composer Lars Klit (b. 1965) was commissioned to write an opera suited for an alternative opera company called Den Anden Opera (The Other Opera) which has a small “opera house” in the central part of Copenhagen. It is “the other” opera than the traditional establishment of the Royal Opera House.

The work is played by five singers and a small chamber ensemble including electric guitar. It turned out to be a huge success right from the premier appealing to a wide range of audiences from the traditional opera lovers to the young rock’n rollers.

1. Overture (Lars Klit)
2. In the violin maker's shop (Lars Klit)
3. The young girl enters (Lars Klit)
4. The virtuoso enters (Lars Klit)
5. "Let the beast know God" (Lars Klit)
6. Street fighting (Lars Klit)
7. The girl returns (Lars Klit)
8. The murder (Lars Klit)
9. The virtuoso returns (Lars Klit)
10. "Just another beast" (Lars Klit)
11. "Let me become pure music" (Lars Klit)
12. The death of the girl (Lars Klit)
13. The virtuoso plays (Lars Klit)

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