In his new album “Lookin’ Up” Dick Oatts teams up with his colleague and friend of 34 years, veteran trombonist John Mosca. Dick Oatts notes, “I’ve always liked the way alto sax and trombone blend together and I’ve always been meaning to do a CD with John but the music was never quite right for it. So I sat down over the holiday break and wrote the music around John, the alto and the trombone.”

Derek Taylor of Master of a Small House describes Dick Oatts’ previous release “Two Hearts (SCCD 31694) as “ testament to Oatts’ improvisatory powers”.

1. One For Benny (Dick Oatts)
2. Alaina's Song (Dick Oatts)
3. Just Us (Dick Oatts)
4. Mood For Moody (Dick Oatts)
5. Lookin' up (Dick Oatts)
6. Brook's Blues (Dick Oatts)
7. Tap And Strut (Dick Oatts)
8. Auctioneer (Dick Oatts)

UPC/EAN: 716043173822