SCCD 31145 Strings & Things / Dexter Gordon with string orchestra

A superb follow-up of Dexter’s 1975 monumental recording “More Than You Know” (SCCD 31030).

The release comprises extra material from 1975 recordings and recordings from Finland in the following year with Finnish arranger/bandleader Esko Linnavalli.

1. Sari (Esko Linnavalli)
2. Eclipse (Esko Linnavalli)
3. This happy madness (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
4. A good time was had by all (Thad Jones)
5. The girl with the purple eyes (Dexter Gordon)
6. Ernie's tune (Dexter Gordon)
7. More than you know (Youmans/Rose/Eliscu)

UPC/EAN: 716043114528