SCCD 31503 On This Day / Dave Ballou Quintet

Improvisation is, according to the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, “ the spontaneous creation of music as it is performed ” and that’s what Dave Ballou and his working band are offering here..

“… I have always wondered what could happen when improvisers are given the freedom to improvise – no set forms or changes or even melodies. That was the environment of this recording session .” (Dave Ballou)

1. Robin and treebeard (Dave Ballou)
2. … Of Things Unseen (Dave Ballou)
3. Tangolina (Dave Ballou)
4. PL (Dave Ballou)
5. Faith (Dave Ballou)
6. Spazalbabble (Dave Ballou)
7. NH (Dave Ballou)
8. On this day (Dave Ballou)
9. What lies ahead (Dave Ballou)

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