SCCD 31032 Visitor / Coronarias Dans

Coronarias Dans was the legendary Danish jazz-rock group founded in 1969 with pianist Kenneth Knudsen as its leader and Peter Friis Nielsen (bass) of the world-famous Danish jazz-rock group “Secret Oyster”.

“… There are abundant freedom and true communication in the music which listeners can effortlessly relate to….. highly recommended …” (Finn Slumstrup, Jyllands-Posten)

1. Se det (Kenneth Knudsen)
2. Morning (Kenneth Knudsen)
3. Esrom (Peter Friis Nielsen)
4. Don't know (Kenneth Knudsen)
5. Visitor (Kenneth Knudsen)
6. Tied waves (Kenneth Knudsen)
7. Sagittarius (Kenneth Knudsen)
8. Which witch (Kenneth Knudsen)

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