SCCD 31155 Permutations / Chuck Marohnic

Pianist and professor in jazz Chuck Marohnic (b. 1941) has an impressive back ground having played with Ira Sullivan, Eddie Jefferson & Richie Cole, Bill Hardman, Junior Cook, Chet Baker, Buddy Rich to mention a few.

The eight performances here are bright and absorbing examples of what Marohnic means when he says that awareness of the harmonic permutations of a tune gives a musician great freedom ….” (Chris Sheridan)

1. Stella by starlight (Victor Young)
2. Pills for Nils (Chuck Marohnic)
3. A flat in Soho (Chuck Marohnic)
4. Melodius thunk (Chuck Marohnic)
5. Windows (Chick Corea)
6. The privilege (Chuck Marohnic)
7. Springtune (Chuck Marohnic)
8. Moods (Chuck Marohnic)

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