Brian Charette, one of the most innovative B3 organists today presents here his daring and exciting project departing from the traditional organ jazz approach. With “the sound of a reed choir plus organ” in mind Charette wrote challenging and dazzling original material for this special band and took the art of jazz organ to a new height.

Riliably smoking B3 player ” (Bill Milkowski – JazzTimes)

1. Computer God (Brian Charette)
2. Fugue For Katheleen Anne/Ex Girlfriend Variations (Brian Charette)
3. Risk (Brian Charette)
4. The Elvira Pacifier (Brian Charette)
5. Equal Opportunity (Brian Charette)
6. Prayer For An Agnostic (Brian Charette)
7. Late Night TV (Brian Charette)
8. French Birds (Brian Charette)
9. Mode For Sean Wayland (Brian Charette)
10. Tambourine (Brian Charette)

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