SCCD 31836 Brian Charette “Backup”

One of New York’s (or rather World’s) top Hammond Organ players Brian Charette has kept us in anticipation of something new every time he goes into recording studios. His unique approach has deepened and expanded the boundaries of music that B-3 organ can create. Here again for his sixth release on SteepleChase Brian opted for a somewhat unusual Organ-Piano trio format with repertoire of traditional materials dotted with experimental treatments conjuring up a compelling middle ground between past and future.

Brian Charette has emerged as one of the top organists of his generation because of a fresh approach to his instrument, drawing from musical influences around the world with often surprising results.” (Ken Dryden – New York City Jazz Records on “The Questions That Drives Us” SCCD 31784)

BRIAN CHARETTE B3 Hammond organ
Jochen Rueckert drums

Recorded December 2016

1 TADD’S DELIGHT (Tadd Dameron) 5:51
2 CHELSEA BRIDGE (Billy Strayhorn) 7:45
3 A SHADE OF JADE (Joe Henderson) 7:24
4 BACKUP (Larry Young) 5:51
5 THE BLESSING (Ornette Coleman) 5:56
6 DANCE OF THE INFIDELS (Bud Powell) 5:48
7 SPRING IS HERE (Richard Rodgers) 6:43
8 DAHOUD (Clifford Brown) 6:26
9 THESE ARE SOULFUL DAYS (Don Patterson) 5:23
10 RITHA (Larry Young) 9:14
Total Playing Time 66:23

UPC 716043183623