One his 10th leader album Ari Ambrose finds himself in

His most comfortable and creative setting of a piano-less

Trio which reminds us of his formidable debut album “Introducing Ari Ambrose” (SCCD 31450).

JazzTimes’ Will Smith commented on Ari’s previous CD “Whatever Happens” (SCCD 31617), “ The word retro is almost too new-school when dealing with the stylistic expressions of tenor saxophonist Ari Ambrose. With so many of the young tenor voices continuing to follow John Coltrane or Sonny Rollins or turning toward free-form abstraction, it’s refreshing to find Ambrose employing the tradition, taking it back and bringing it forward. If nothing else, he, … (is) offering something different in what often seems to be a world of clones.

1. I Don't Recall (Ari Ambrose)
2. I'll Be Seeing You (Sammy Fain)
3. Goodbye (Ari Ambrose)
4. Pennies From Heaven (Arthur Johnston)
5. Mala (Ari Ambrose)
6. It's The Talk Of The Town (Jerry Livingston)
7. Ditmas Avenue (Ari Ambrose)
8. Let's Call This (Thelonious Monk)

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