On this his latest solo recording the composer/performer Andy LaVerne states, “ This CD, as a personal statement, is one of the most important I have made since I began recording for SteepleChase 30 years ago. It demonstrates and documents how my writing has evolved over the years .”

1. Ellipsis (Andy LaVerne)
2. Truth Be Told (Andy LaVerne)
3. Hard Finish (Andy LaVerne)
4. Face Value (Andy LaVerne)
5. After The Fact (Andy LaVerne)
6. Guaranteed Overnight Delivery (Andy LaVerne)
7. Wireless Caller (Andy LaVerne)
8. Ground Lifter (Andy LaVerne)
9. Start To Finish (Andy LaVerne)
10. Time To Dream (Andy LaVerne)
11. Duplicity (Andy LaVerne)
12. A Year From Yesterday (Andy LaVerne)
13. Jazz Country (Andy LaVerne)
14. Fair And Balanced (Andy LaVerne)
15. Sixth Sense (Andy LaVerne)
16. Bootleg Bill (Andy LaVerne)

UPC/EAN: 716043160525