SCCD 31399 Bud's Beautiful / Andy LaVerne Trio

Plays the music of Bud Powell

Andy LaVerne’s 1993 dedication to Bud Powell (SCCD 31342 “In The Mood For A Classic) was a solo rendition of Bud’s compositions. Here in his second appraisal of the great bop pianist/composer LaVerne produces most attractive and thoughtful set of trio performance of the Powell legacy.

1. Celia (Bud Powell)
2. Dance Land (Bud Powell)
3. I'll keep loving you (Bud Powell)
4. So sorry+L7530 please/In the mood for a classic (Bud Powell)
5. Bouncing with Bud's bubble (Bud Powell)
6. Duid deed (Bud Powell)
7. Bud's beautiful (Andy LaVerne)
8. Topsy turvy (Bud Powell)
9. Strictly confidential (Bud Powell)
10. Cleopatra's Dream (Bud Powell)
11. Oblivion (Bud Powell)
12. Boderick (Bud Powell)

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