SCCD 33118 Allegra Levy “Lonely City”

Allegra Levy, a New England Conservatory graduate in her early 20s, has already established herself as a singer/composer/band leader in the New York jazz scene with her sultry, rich tones and truly original compositional skills.  Assisted by the legendary trumpeter John McNeil with recording and producing, Allegra makes her recording debut here showcasing her enormous talent.

“This is a mature first recording by a singer you’re sure to hear more from. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing it. The tunes are catchy and well-constructed, and you’ll probably find yourself singing them in a short time. I sing them still.” (John McNeil from the liner notes)

1. Anxiety (Allegra Levy)
2. I Don’t Want To Be In Love (Allegra Levy)
3. Everything Green (Allegra Levy)
4. A New Face (Allegra Levy)
5. Why Do I (Allegra Levy)
6. A Better Day (Allegra Levy)
7. I’m Not OK (Allegra Levy)
8. Clear-Eyed Tango (Allegra Levy)
9. Lonely City (Allegra Levy)
10. Our Lullaby (Allegra Levy)
11. The Duet (Allegra Levy)

UPC/EAN: 716043311828