SCCD 31042 Peace / Walt Dickerson Trio

It has always been SteepleChase’s goal to “re-discover” great jazz talents who for one reason or another have disappeared from the active scene.

Walt Dickerson, who was regarded as “Coltrane on vibraphone” chose in the sixties to leave the music scene to become a real estate broker.

Produced Nils Winther had a long-time admiration for the original style of Dickerson and after a long search Walt was located in a suburb of Philadelphia and brought to New York for his first SteepleChase recording venture in November 1975.

Being considered the innovator of the vibraphone playing from his recording debut in early 1960 Walt’s re-entry caused quite a stir in the jazz community throughout the world.

1. Universal peace (Walt Dickerson)
2. Chant of peace (Walt Dickerson)
3. Warm up (Walt Dickerson)

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