SCCD 31351 Dedicated To You / Von Freeman Quartet

This new recording of Chicago’s grand old man (b. October 3, 1922) Von Freeman showcases again his ever-strong playing with the distinctive tenor tones. Together with his highly acclaimed release “Never Let Me Go” SCCD 31310 and Louis Smith’s “Silvering” SCCD 31336 in which he joined as sideman, Von Freeman firmly consolidates his extraordinary place in the jazz recording history.

1. There Is no greater love (Symes-Jones)
2. Dedicated to you (Cahn/Chaplin)
3. Song for my father (Horace Silver)
4. My foolish heart (Victor Young)
5. Anthropology (CharlieParker/Dizzy Gillespie)
6. There goes my heart (Davis/Silver)
7. Four (Eddie Cleanhead Vinson)

UPC/EAN: 716043135127