The Copenhagen Trio, Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen, Troels Svane, The Carl Nielsen Quartet, Jørgen Larsen, Svend Windsløv, Bjarne Boie Rasmussen, Peder Elbæk – Syberg: Chamber Music, Volume 1, String Quartets, Trio (KON 32191)

Kontrapunkt 32191

Franz Syberg: Chamber Music vol. 1

The Carl Nielsen Quartet

Peder Elbæk violin, Jørgen Larsen violin

Bjarne Boie Rasmussen viola , Svend Winsløv cello

The Copenhagen Trio

Søren Elbæk violin , Troels Svane Hermansen cello

Morten Mogensen piano

1. Quartet (1927)

2. Quartet (1930)

3. Trio. Allegro moderato

total playing time 57:18

recorded March – May, 1994

Franz Syberg was born, like Carl Nielsen, on the Danish island of Fyn (Funen). His parents were talented painters. The portrait on the CD cover is by the hands of his father Fritz. Though Syberg studied in Leipzig in the 20s when the influence of Hindemith, Bartok, Stravinsky and Schoenberg were abundant, he is largely a voice of his own.

Earlier release of Syberg’s symphonic works (KPT 32088) prompted astounding praises from the press all over the world including CD Review’s June 1992 issue: “very impressive…splendid! …a real discovery…”.

This first volume of the S yberg chamber music contains String Quartet 1927 which was recently found in a private archive and was performed for the first time by the Carl Nielsen Quartet prior to the recording at the Kerteminde church where Syberg was the organist for the most part of his adult life.

World Premier Recording!

1. Quartet (1927): I (Franz Syberg)
2. Quartet (1927): II Langsam (Franz Syberg)
3. Quartet (1927): III Allegro Molto (Franz Syberg)
4. Quartet (1930): I Allegro (Franz Syberg)
5. Quartet (1930): II Molto adagio (Franz Syberg)
6. Quartet (1930): III Allegro molto moderato (Franz Syberg)
7. Trio. Allegro moderato (Franz Syberg)

UPC/EAN: 716043219124