SCCD 36029/30 Action Action / The Contemporary Jazz Quartet/ Quintet

The Original DEBUT Recordings 1964 & 1967

The legendary recordings by the TCJQ for the Danish DEBUT label have been out of print for more than a couple of decades. This double CD-set including the two original LP releases is not only the historical document but also recaptures the excitement that Scandinavia faced in the early 60s by the new wave jazz, which is still strikingly fresh today.

1. Refraction (Hugh Steinmetz)
2. Action (i) (Franz Beckerlee/Hugh Steinmetz)
3. Catalysm (Franz Beckerlee)
4. In the name of beauty (Franz Beckerlee/Hugh Steinmetz)
5. Pre-determination) (Franz Beckerlee)

UPC/EAN: 716043602926