Toke Lund Christiansen, Elisabeth Westenholz – Kuhlau: 3 Grand Soli opus 57 & 3 Fantasies opus 38 (KON 32329)

32329 FriedrichKuhlau: Trios Grand Soli Opus 57/Fantasies for solo flute Opus 38 Friedrich Kuhlau wrote numerous works for flutes, many of which remained to this date “popular” repertoire among professional and amateur performers alike. In 1990 Denmark’s leading flautist Toke Lund Christiansen recorded the first of his Kuhlau series “Works for 3 and 4 flutes” […]

Nikolai Madojan, Elisabeth Westenholz – Franck, Strauss: Sonata A Major, Sonata Opus 18 (KON 32311)

The collaboration between Armenian violinist Nikolai Madojan and Danish pianist Elisabeth Westenholz produced a series of outstanding CDs starting with the Prokofiev Sonatas and Five Melodies (32185) in 1994. The Madojan/Westenholz duo has since been performing and recording to critical and popular acclaim. The world’s press wrote of their performances: “… Madojan…has a natural feel […]

Toke Lund Christiansen, Elisabeth Westenholz – Kuhlau: Variations & Divertimenti, Volume 2 (KON 32307)

Denmark’s leading instrumentalists in the classical field, Toke Lund Christiansen (flute) and Elisabeth Westenholz (piano) have been performing together for a number of years. One of their favourite repertoires is German-born Danish composer Kuhlau’s works for flute and piano, which the duo has been recording for Kontrapunkt. This is a sequel to the highly acclaimed […]

Tim Frederiksen, Elisabeth Westenholz, Susanne Resmark – Brahms: Sonatas Opus 120 (KON 32299)

1. Sonata Op. 120 No. 1: Allegro appassionato (Johannes Brahms)2. Sonata Op. 120 No. 1: Andante un poco adagio (Johannes Brahms)3. Sonata Op. 120 No. 1: Allegretto grazioso (Johannes Brahms)4. Sonata Op. 120 No. 1: Vivace (Johannes Brahms)5. Sonata Op. 120 No. 2: Allegro amabile (Johannes Brahms)6. Sonata Op. 120 No. 2: Allegro appassionato (Johannes […]

Toke Lund Christiansen, William Bennett, Elisabeth Westenholz – Kuhlau: Duos Opus 102, Trio Opus 119 (KON 32282)

1. Duo Op. 102 No. 1: Allegro assai (Friedrich Kuhlau)2. Duo Op. 102 No. 1: Andante cantabile (Friedrich Kuhlau)3. Duo Op. 102 No. 1: Rondo. Allegretto (Friedrich Kuhlau)4. Duo Op. 102 No. 2: Adagio. Allegro assai con moto fuoco (Friedrich Kuhlau)5. Duo Op. 102 No. 2: Tempo di polacca (Friedrich Kuhlau)6. Duo Op. 102 No. […]

Dariusz Mizera, Elisabeth Westenholz – Bottesini: Works For Double Bass And Piano (KON 32281)

1. Studienkonzert F Sharp Minor: Introduction. Allegro moderato (Giovanni Bottesini)2. Studienkonzert F Sharp Minor: Andante (Giovanni Bottesini)3. Studienkonzert F Sharp Minor: Finale. Allegro con fuoco (Giovanni Bottesini)4. Élégie No. 2 E Minor (Giovanni Bottesini)5. Introduction et variations sur la carnaval de Venise (Giovanni Bottesini)6. Réverie (Giovanni Bottesini)7. Introduzione e gavotta (Giovanni Bottesini)8. Élégie No. 1 […]

Elisabeth Westenholz, Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, Kees Bakels – Schubert: Wandererfantasie, Der Wanderer (KON 32278)

1. Wandererfantasie Op. 15 D.760: Allegro con fuaco ma non troppo (Franz Schubert)2. Wandererfantasie Op. 15 D.760: Adagio (Franz Schubert)3. Wandererfantasie Op. 15 D.760: Presto (Franz Schubert)4. Wandererfantasie Op. 15 D.760: Allegro (Franz Schubert)5. Der Wanderer (Franz Schubert)6. Wandererfantasie: Allegro con fuoco (Franz Schubert / Franz Liszt)7. Wandererfantasie: Adagio (Franz Schubert / Franz Liszt)8. Wandererfantasie: […]

Nikolai Madojan, Elisabeth Westenholz – Schubert: Works For Violin And Piano (KON 32274)

1. Sonata A Major Op. post 162 D.574: Allegro moderato (Franz Schubert)2. Sonata A Major Op. post 162 D.574: Scherzo (Franz Schubert)3. Sonata A Major Op. post 162 D.574: Trio (Franz Schubert)4. Sonata A Major Op. post 162 D.574: Allegro vivace (Franz Schubert)5. Rondo in B Minor Op. 70 D.895 (Franz Schubert)6. Fantasia in C […]

Nikolai Madojan, Elisabeth Westenholz – Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Complete Violin Sonatas (KON 32264)

Kontrapunkt 32264 Mendelssohn Complete Violin Sonatas NICOLAI MADOJAN violin ELISABETH WESTENHOLZ piano Recorded 1997 FELIX MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY (1809-1847) SONATA F MAJOR (1820) 16:42 SONATA Op. 4 (1823) 20:43 SONATA F MAJOR (1838) 29:59 Total Playing Time 59:29 1. Sonata F Major (1820): Allegro (Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy)2. Sonata F Major (1820): Andante (Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy)3. Sonata F Major (1820): […]

Trio Soleil, Tim Frederiksen, Niels Thomsen, Elisabeth Westenholz – Bruch, Mozart, Schumann: Trios For Clarinet, Viola And Piano (KON 32263)

32263 Trio Soleil TRIO SOLEIL: ELISABETH WESTENHOLZ piano NIELS THOMSEN clarinet TIM FREDERIKSEN viola MAX BRUCH (1838-1920) WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) KEGELSTATT TRIO in E Flat Major, K. 498 ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810-1856) MÄRCHENERZÄHLUNGEN, Op. 132 Total Playing Time 74:41 Trio Soleil consists of Denmark’s foremost pianist Elisabeth Westenholz, the principal clarinetist of the Danish National […]