Elisabeth Kontomanou, Jean-Michel Pilc – Hands & Incantation (SCCD 31484)

SCCD 31484 Hands and Incantation / Elisabeth Kontomanou & Jean-Michel Pilc Following her sensational debut CD on SteepleChase (SCCD 31467 “Embrace”), Elisabeth Kontomanou with Jean-Michel Pilc presents here the intimate, ultimate product of a 13-year partnership and a shared musical philosophy which places spontaneity as a performance priority. Singer/composer Elisabeth Kontomanou and pianist/composer Jean-Michel Pilc […]

Elisabeth Kontomanou – Embrace (SCCD 31467)

1. Aliki (Elisabeth Kontomanou)2. Embrace (Elisabeth Kontomanou)3. Where I wanna be (Elisabeth Kontomanou)4. Spring (Elisabeth Kontomanou)5. The light of you (Elisabeth Kontomanou)6. All music kinds (Elisabeth Kontomanou)7. Lost letter to a nomad (J. D. Allen)8. Clear blue skies (Elisabeth Kontomanou)9. The story teller (Elisabeth Kontomanou) UPC/EAN: 716043146727