Aage Haugland, Dimitri Kitaenko, Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Danish National Radio Choir – Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov (KON 32036/37)

1. Scene 1: The courtyard on the Novodievichy Monastery near Moscow (Modest Mussorgsky)1. Scene 5: A sumptuously furnished room in the Imperial Palace, Moscow Kremlin (Modest Mussorgsky)2. Scene 2: A square in the Moscow Kremlin (Modest Mussorgsky)2. Scene 6: The great reception-hall in the Moscow Kremlin (Modest Mussorgsky)3. Scene 3: Night. A cell in the […]

The Danish Radio Choir, Uwe Gronostay – Bruchner, Werner: 10 Sacred Choruses (KON 32022)

1. 10 Sacred Choruses: Virga Jesse (Anton Bruckner)2. 10 Sacred Choruses: Pange Lingua (koncert) (Anton Bruckner)3. 10 Sacred Choruses: Locus Iste (Anton Bruckner)4. 10 Sacred Choruses: Tota Pulchra Es, Maria (Anton Bruckner)5. 10 Sacred Choruses: Os Justi (Anton Bruckner)6. 10 Sacred Choruses: Ave Maria (Anton Bruckner)7. 10 Sacred Choruses: Afferentur (Anton Bruckner)8. 10 Sacred Choruses: […]