Cedar Walton – Third Set (SCCD 31179)

SCCD 31179 Third Set / Cedar Walton Quartet Here’s the final set of that magical evening at Jazzhus Montmartre. Earlier releases of this series are SCCD 31085 “First Set” and SCCD 31113 “Second Set”. 1. Angel in the night (Billy Higgins)2. Bolivia (Cedar Walton)3. Fantasy in D (Cedar Walton)4. Blue Monk (Thelonious Monk)5. Rhythm-a-ning (Thelonious […]

Idrees Sulieman – Now Is The Time (SCCD 31052)

SCCD 31052 Now Is The Time / Idrees Sulieman Quartet “ The quartet exhibits much empathy and rapport, and allows Sulieman’s fully mature trumpet style free reign completely…The entire session is mellow and supremely musical …” (Jazz Forum) 1. Mirror lake (Idrees Sulieman)2. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)3. Saturday afternoon at four (Idrees Sulieman)4. A theme […]

Clifford Jordan – Magic In Munich (SCCD 37013/14)

MID-PRICE SERIES SCCD 37013/14 Magic In Munich / Clifford Jordan & The Magic Triangle Previously issued on SCCD 31033 & SCCD 31047 “.. .a truly fine quartet recording .” (MM) “… This is extremely enjoyable, uncomplicate time playing ..” (Jazz Journal) 1. Firm roots (Cedar Walton)2. Angel in the night (Billy Higgins)3. Scorpio (Sam Jones)4. […]

Clifford Jordan – The Highest Mountain (SCCD 31047)

SCCD 31049 The Highest Mountain / Clifford Jordan & The Magic Triangle Clifford Jordan & The Magic Triangle (which was actually Cedar Walton’s trio) was one of the most popular ensembles which appeared regularly on the European major jazz clubs in the early 70s. This recording was made during one of their successful tours in […]