SCCD 31323 The Steve Slagle Quartet / Steve Slagle Quartet

“… Slagle is an exceptionally clever and erudite improviser…Slagle’s new CD richly repays careful listening .” (Cadence)

“… He’s a developed soloist, with smooth phrasing and an affinity for speed…..fine record .” (Down Beat)

1. Leadbelly sez (Steve Slagle)
2. Mondo (Steve Slagle)
3. Dream life (Steve Slagle)
4. Sphere itself (Steve Slagle)
5. Four in one (Thelonious Monk)
6. Remembrance (Jim Pepper)
7. Up time (Steve Slagle)
8. Lonely woman (Ornette Coleman)
9. Out of bounds (Dave Stryker)

UPC/EAN: 716043132324