SCCD 31367 Reincarnation / Steve Slagle Quartet

Steve Slagle (b. 1951 in Los Angeles) has been one of the leading figures in the jazz scene in New York since 1976. He has played lead alto in Machito’s Afro-Cuban orchestra, Steve Kuhn Quartet, Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Carla Bley Band to name a few earning a reputation as one of the most versatile saxophone players. He now leads his own group and also co-leads a band with guitarist Dave Stryker.

The name of Steve Slagle on a CD cover signifies that the listener will be rewarded by passionate, involved, swinging music in which they alto saxophonist’s intensity and complete integrity will be manifest…

(from the linernotes by Mark Gardner)

1. Reincarnation of a lovebird (Charles Mingus)
2. Yesternite (Steve Slagle)
3. Soultrane (Tadd Dameron)
4. Sweet pepper (Steve Slagle)
5. Afro cubano (Steve Slagle)
6. Bess you is my woman now (George Gershwin)
7. Spirit of Miles (Steve Slagle)
8. Isfahan (Billy Strayhorn)
9. News blues (Steve Slagle)

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