SCCD 31757 Stanley Cowell & Vic Juris “Welcome to This New World”

The decade long collaboration between pianist Stanley Cowell and guitarist Vic Juris

as fellow faculty members at the renowned Rutgers-Mason Gross School of the Arts produced here a fantastic “new world” of sounds of contemporary jazz. The latest and most powerful version of sound design soft wear called KYMA in the hand of creative artists dazzles us with the unique real-time music with no after-production touch-ups but expanded horizon of improvisation. The rhythm section of the quartet is two enormously talented former students of Cowell: bassist Tom DiCarlo and drummer Chris Brown.

1. An Overseas Memory (Vic Juris)
2. Tinged (Stanley Cowell)
3. Victim (Vic Juris)
4. Duo Improvisation I (Stanley Cowell/Vic Juris)
5. Empathlectrik (Stanley Cowell)
6. Invertisement (Stanley Cowell)
7. Sun Burn (Vic Juris)
8. Duo Improvisation II (Stanley Cowell/Vic Juris)
9. St. Croix (Stanley Cowell)
10. Winter reflections (Stanley Cowell)
11. Welcome To This New World (Stanley Cowell)

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