SCCD 31339 Angel Eyes / Stanley Cowell

Stanley Cowell’s solo piano venture took place in Copenhagen on SteepleChase’s own Fazioli concert grant piano during his European tour last year.

Producer (and on this CD recording engineer as well) Nils Winther has been an admirer of Cowell for a very long time. Stanley did his first date for SteepleChase in 1988 (Sienna, SCCD 31253) and the relationship has proven fruitful with a number of outstanding CD productions.

Cowell, out of the post-bebop generation, is an original composer as well. His perfect technique and original style are enhanced here by the fact that he is alone with his instrument.

1. The night has a thousand eyes (Bernier-Brainin)
2. Morning star (Roger Grant)
3. Sendai sendoff (Stanley Cowell)
4. Imagine (John Lennon)
5. Eronel (Thelonious Monk)
6. Angel eyes (Matt Dennis)
7. Akua (Stanley Cowell)
8. The ladder (Stanley Cowell)
9. Abscretion (Stanley Cowell)

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