To conclude 2004 releases SteepleChase is proud to introduce a debut album by

composer/pianist Ms. Sila Cevikce. Sila was born in Ankara, Turkey and has lived in the past 10 years in USA. She studied jazz composition and performance at the Berklee College of Music and University of South Florida.

When she embarked on her professional career in NYC several years ago, her enormous talent was immediately recognized. Sila has since established herself as a

respected and admired member of the highly competitive New York jazz scene.

“… a bright and adventurous talent with much to offer as writer and performer .” (Mark Gardner)

1. Desperate Measures (Sila Cevikce)
2. In New Abode (Sila Cevikce)
3. More I Cannot Wish You (Frank Loesser)
4. Simple Bossa (Sila Cevikce)
5. Phasing Out (Sila Cevikce)
6. No Train (Sila Cevikce)
7. White (Sila Cevikce)
8. Poirot's Revenge (Sila Cevikce)

UPC/EAN: 716043156528