SCCD 31157 All Night Long / Shirley Horn Trio

This is the prequel to “Violets For Your Furs” – SCCD 31164 from the Northsea Jazz Festival concerts, which was awarded the prestigious Billie Holiday Prize of 1992 by Academie du Jazz of France.

Admirable!” ( Jazz Magazine )

1. You'd be so nice to come home to (Cole Porter)
2. Someone like that in your life (Buck Hill)
3. How insensitive (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
4. Good for nothing Joe (Ted Bloom/Koehler)
5. Git rid of Monday (Jimmy Heath)
6. All night long (Curtis Lewis)
7. If I had you (Shapiro/Campbell/Connelley)
8. Meditation (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
9. When your lover has gone (E. A. Swan)
10. If dreams came true (Mills/Sampson/Goodman)

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