SCCD 33112 Samo Salamon Bassless Quartet “2ALTO”

Guitarist Samo Salamon hails from Marigor, Slovenia and splits his work and life between USA and European Continent, though in the last 10 plus years his activities has kept growing and expanding in the USA collecting numerous accolades from critics and public alike.

One of the more exciting and inventive improvising artists, Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon’s stylistic modus operandi, coupled with massive chops has earned him prominence within global, progressive-jazz circles . (Glenn Astaria – Jazz Review 2012)

Guitarist Samo Salamon is one of those players quietly but fully engaged with moving the music forward .” (Nic Jones, AAJ 2011)

The guitarist is the star, though, and he is a star. He is a tremendous player, articulating each note and line with clarity and force, no matter the velocity…to say many things via many means,..without hesitation and with complete artistic conviction…exciting and satisfying .” (George Grella – The Big City 2011)

1. Fairytale (Samo Salamon)
2. Monder Bag (Samo Salamon)
3. Mr. Cynical (Samo Salamon)
4. Second Rain (Samo Salamon)
5. Flux Of Silver (Samo Salamon)
6. Winter Ponds (Samo Salamon)
7. Man Of Mystery (Samo Salamon)
8. Moonless (Samo Salamon)
9. Imperfections (Samo Salamon)
10. Snail Road (Samo Salamon)

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