Precisely a year ago then 17-year old high school student, Gabe Terracciano from Portland, Maine with his violin in his hand walked into a NYU classroom where the veteran bassist/educator Ron McClure held his jazz ensemble class. McClure, after playing a few tunes together with this young violinist, started to plan this recording session with him. Ron McClure states in the linernotes, “ I knew instantly that I was listening to someone who is going to make it!…… I felt like I was a witness to something unique, as much as being part of this event ….”.

1. Beautiful Love (Young, Victor)
2. The Wind (Ron McClure)
3. Crunch Time (Ron McClure)
4. My Pal Al (Ron McClure)
5. Another Day (Ron McClure)
6. Dibs (Roni Eytan/Deborah Dery)
7. New Standard (Ron McClure)
8. Handprints (Ron McClure)
9. Yes, We Can (Ron McClure)

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