SCCD 31423 Ice Scape / Reuben Brown Trio

Here’s a much overdue leadership debut by the legendary Washington-based pianist/composer Reuben Brown.

“… we are introduced to a mature talent in full bloom and bursting with original ideas …” (Mark Gardner)

1. Billy (Reuben Brown)
2. Mack the knife (Kurt Weil)
3. A night in Tunesia (Dizzy Gillespie)
4. Ice scape (Reuben Brown)
5. Joe (Reuben Brown)
6. It's the night I like (Reuben Brown)
7. Lonely afternoon (Reuben Brown)
8. Twilight at Duke's place (Reuben Brown)
9. Lush life (Billy Strayhorn)
10. Catania (Reuben Brown)

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