SCCD 31618Andy LaVerne “Intelligent Design”

The instrumentation of piano/organ/drums may be highly unusual but with Andy LaVerne and Gary Varsace on the keyboards the format is a sure winner as their earlier collaboration in “All Ways” (SCCD 31569) – “(LaVerne and Versace) sound absolutely natural and complementing together….two equally appealing keyboard voices…” (Thomas Conrad – JazzTimes)

1. Shala (Peter Zak)
2. These Are Soulful Days (Cal Massey)
3. Mahmoud's Memory (Peter Zak)
4. Fungii Mama (Blue Mitchell)
5. Propinquity (Peter Zak)
6. Circling Columbus (Peter Zak)
7. My Conception (Sonny Clark)
8. The Camel (Peter Zak)
9. Witchcraft (Sy Coleman)
10. With A Song In My Heart (Richard Rodgers)
11. Serenity (Henderson, Joe)
12. By Myself (Dietz/Schwartz)

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