SCCD 31853 Olegario Diaz “I Remember Chet”

Venezuela-born pianist/composer Olegario Diaz has since 2011 been presenting handful of quality recordings with firm roots in post-bop. Diaz has also published quite a few books on music and musicians. He produced this album, his 5th release to portray Chet Baker as he might write a book about the great artist.

From Juan Sebastian Bar in Caracas to all the great joints in New York, Los Angeles … and the rest of the jazz world, to great open sky concerts, theatres and festivals, Olegario´s groups always give us ¨Something To Remember¨… good jazz! …” (John N. De Souza – Jazz Y Algo Más, Miami, Fl.)

ALEX SIPIAGIN trumpet, flugelhorn
SEAMUS BLAKE tenor saxophone

Recorded May 2017

1 EVERYTHING I LOVE (Cole Porter) 6:24
2 STAR EYES (Gene DePaul, Don Raye) 6:54
3 YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO (Cole Porter) 7:12
4 I REMEMBER CHET (Olegario Diaz) 7:30
5 YOU’VE CHANGED (Carl Fischer) 6:36
6 BERNIE’S TUNE (Bernie Miller) 6:37
7 RISE AND FALL BAKER (Olegario Diaz) 5:23
8 CTA (Jimmy Heath) 5:50
9 OH YOU CRAZY MOON (Jimmy Van Heusen) 6:58
10 JUST FRIENDS (John Klenner) 5:33

Total Playing Time 64:55

UPC 716043185320