Kontrapunkt 32194

Niels W. Gade: Ossian-Overture (1840)*

Hans Abrahamsen: Symphony (1974)*

C.F.E. Horneman: Gurre Suite (1902)**

Per Nørgård: Twilight (1976)**

The Orchestra Of The Royal Academy Of Music, Aarhus Ole Schmidt conductor*

Søren K. Hansen conductor**

total playing time: 60:05

recorded October 1993 & April 1994

The general title of this CD, though not mentioned on the cover, is “Danish Orchestral Music”. Not only it showcases some of the best of Danish music from the romantic school to the contemporary but also it is showing off the extraordinary level of the conservatoire orchestra of Aarhus city.

1. Ossian-Overture (Niels Wilhelm Gade)
2. Symphony: Allegro (Hans Abrahamsen)
3. Symphony: Sostenuto calmo (Hans Abrahamsen)
4. Gurre Suite: Overture (Christian Frederik Emil Horneman)
5. Gurre Suite: Volmer Og Tove (Christian Frederik Emil Horneman)
6. Gurre Suite: Toves Ligfærd (Christian Frederik Emil Horneman)
7. Gurre Suite: I Skoven Ved Gurre (Christian Frederik Emil Horneman)
8. Twilight (Per Nørgård)

UPC/EAN: 716043219421