SCCD 31087 Brighter Days For You / Monnette Sudler Sextet

Miss Sudler is an extremely gifted lady, who heads a sextet worth of her talents. I haven’t for a long time enjoyed an album of this kind that has so much genuine variety…Well worth investigating .” (Jazz Journal)

Accomplished single stringing, clean and clear, from guitarist Monnette Sudler …” (Black Music & Jazz Review)

1. Brighter days for you (Monnette Sudler)
2. To be exposed (Monnette Sudler)
3. Natural accurrance (Monnette Sudler)
4. Rightousness (Monnette Sudler)
5. Congo (Oliver Collins)
6. Moments of love (Monnette Sudler)
7. Family (Monnette Sudler)

UPC/EAN: 716043108725